Saturday, April 7, 2007

Radian's MySpace Update

I added a music player to RadianTrace's MySpace page. It allows you to add up to 76 songs which is really cool because there's so many great musicians around.....past and present. Visitors might notice some patterns to my taste in music. Bass, bass, bass, and more bass.....I like rumbling pounding music. And of course there's also the vocal genius of Chris Cornell. I love that man's voice!

Also, during my breaks in between working on graphic orders I'm working on a layout for my RadianTrace Jewelry site. I'm slowly transferring files over to the new domain. It will be a long drawn out process due to the fact that my breaks are only about a half hour long, and I have so many other obligations at the moment. I'm writing the html code for the site myself, and I need to resize all the photos to accomodate the new layout.

I'm really looking forward to having everything finally caught up. I have some great new designs I'm eager to create and display. Stay tuned folks.....

1 comment:

Coral said...

RT, I'm so glad you finally took this leap. I hope it will be wonderfully rewarding for you.

Should I sign for e-mail notification... I guess I could, not that I need it. I don't think anybody checks for updates more often than me.

You know who.


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