Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Path...

Try A New Path

As mentioned in my last post my focus has shifted. Somewhat. Not completely away from making jewelry, but in addition to it. I had been waiting for a rather large sum of money to come into my life, and when it did I had planned on using it to buy silver & stones for making metalsmithed pieces. But, with the price of silver rising higher and higher every other day I began to realize it would be very challenging for me to find a local market for the higher priced finished pieces. So, I changed my plans for the money. I decided to buy art supplies. Here's the plan: multi-media artwork.

I purchased some artist quality acrylic and watercolor paints along with some artist quality markers, and watercolor pencils and crayons. Of course my shopping spree included charcoal pencils, pastels, technical pens (micron, rapidograph, pilot), caligraphy pens (nips and holders), artist paper (drawing, acrylic, watercolor), some journals, patterned scrapbook paper, colored cardstock, every type of glue you can imagine, fabric (lots of different types of fabric), ribbons in every color of the rainbow, glitter (yes - glitter!), 2 white correction pens, water brushes, many many paint brushes, stamps, an old ribbon fed typewriter....and on and on.

I re-enforced my wall shelves to hold all the extra weight, and I bought another set of drawers for under my bench to store all my new paper supplies. My studio is packed solid from floor to ceiling. I'm happy about it because now I have plenty of 'stuff' to keep me busy for quite awhile =)

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll share some of the creations you make with the new supplies. I've no doubt we'll see another facet of your incredible talent and want to own some for ourselves.


kendra30752 said...

Wow! Stunning blog you have! I love the creations and beads! Oh how I love beading! You do a gorgeous job! I'm new follower :) Can't wait to see more!

Warm wishes,
Kendra Richards


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