Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't Hide

Don't hide. That's the current message to myself. I need to hear it over and over again right now because I tend to feel guilty about who I am. Like I should apologize for being smart, or for being artistic, or for following my dreams. Like as if I'm not allowed to feel joy in what I do if others around me aren't feeling joy in what they do.

What happens when I do that is I start to forget that at the core of me I believe in abundance (not lack). I believe that what is meant to be mine will be mine, and what isn't......won't. I believe that to be true for everyone. If something is not meant to be mine, I don't try to hold onto it, or persue it. I let it go. I wish everyone well. I wish everyone success. I wish eveyone joy, and love. My wish for everyone is that they discover what brings them peace.

Don't hide your talent
Don't hide your intelligence
Don't hide your curiosity
Don't hide your beliefs
Don't hide your joy
Don't hide your love
Don't hide

Shine, and allow your magnificant presence to ignite the imagination in others.


Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry

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