Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Mermaids are Sewing

Sea Sewn BraceletImagine mermaids weaving adornments out of gifts from the sea. Shown is one of a few new bracelets I've made recently. I like pearls with warm colored metals such as copper and brass.

If you'd like to purchase a pretty from my Etsy shop, and get yourself a free gift at the same time, my FREE ring coupon has been posted at Etsy Secrets. Go check it out!

On a personal note I went shopping yesterday. For clothes and for bead supplies. Due to illness I've lost quite a bit of weight which means I'm swimming in all my pants, and I look kind of dorky because of it. So Friday being the day I bring new rings to the nail salon that carries some of my wire wrapped rings I figured I'd look in clothing shops while I was there.

After searching for awhile and not finding anything I liked it suddenly dawned on me that I have a plastic bin of 'skinny clothes' from waaaay back when stashed away in my closet. My heart leapt a bit as I remembered there were several pairs of jeans and a few tops in the bin. When I got home I went straight to my closet, and yep, there it was. Some of them actually fit! Are blue denim bootcut Levis still fashionable? Hell, what do I care! I'm just happy to be wearing pants that don't fall down.

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