Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Inspires You?

True Blue PendantInspiration is an interesting topic to me. I've noticed a few patterns to what inspires me. One of them being my inexplicable attraction to the color blue. This is strange to me because my favorite color is green. Yet, many of you will notice a lot of my jewelry pieces are blue. The color pulls me into the mysterious depths of my imagination.

I think of vast deep blue oceans, and velvety midnight blue skies filled with shimmering silver stars. In the oceans I swim. In the skies I fly. Blue helps me feel free. The feeling of freedom makes me feel calm. That's it! Calm. Blue calms me when I'm troubled. I suppose my attraction is no longer inexplicable. What inspires you?

The pendant is called 'True Blue' as in my true blue friend.

1 comment:

Tamaris said...

I'm inspired by blue too, deep dark blues that pull you in to their depths, love it, with silver wire...and turquoise too!!!


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