Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bad Habits & Time Management

I have a very bad habit of not updating my Sold Items page regularily at I tell myself I'll get to it soon and before you know it I have hundreds of thumbnails waiting to be added. So, I'm sitting here right now with pieces of paper all over my desk trying to sort out what sold and if I added the images to the right folders in the control panel of my website.

I'll get it all sorted out sometime today. I also need to add several pieces to my site that I originally had available in my Etsy shop. I keep telling myself it would be soooo much easier if I just kept on top of this stuff in the first place, but time and time again I convince myself otherwise. Yikes! I just remembered that I also need to change the copyright dates on my Mable's Makings site. Bad Ronnie.

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