Monday, January 19, 2009

Organizing My Life

I'm stir-crazy and restless. Being ill for a long time has made me feel meloncholy. I used this unplanned down time to do some serious thinking and decided it's time to do a major restructuring of my life. So, I started by giving my blog a little fluff. New backgrounds are from The Cutest Blog on the Block.

Here's my plan; Mondays will be for planning my week, writing up 'to do' lists, and scheduling various appointments & meetings over the phone or by email. But, before I can even start my plan I will need to clear off and sort out my desk which I will do later today. It's too early in the morning to start making decluttering noises. My Ole Goat is still sleeping.

Tuesdays I will be in my studio all day either making jewelry, or sketching design ideas. I might carry on with this task on Wednesdays as well. Thursdays will be for doodling graphics and filling graphic orders. Friday is the day that I'll review my week and decide if I want to make any changes for the next week. It's also the day that I'd like to post a 'Friday Feature' interview with various fellow artists whose work I admire.

I'm going to take one day off on the weekend as a personal day just for me to do whatever I'd like to do for myself. It could be clothes shopping, reading, going for a drive, buying new jewelry supplies or art supplies. Anything I feel like doing on that day. I'll more than likely make jewelry everyday after I've done my assigned tasks for the day.

Oh yes, and before I start my days from now on I'm going to do a 30 minute work-out, have a shower and get dressed in casual street clothes. I have a bad habit of wearing pjs all day because they're so comfortable. I want to keep this routine going because without routine & structure in my life I wander around aimlessly not finishing the projects I start. Wish me luck! *Ü*


Julie Suzanne said...

Good luck getting all routine-ified. :)

Diana said...

good luck with the exercise. I said that at the beginning of the year and I'm still considering how to begin. I'll be back to visit!


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