Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love's First Blush

I think I'm in love. You know how you get all warm and fuzzy inside and your cheeks blush a soft pink when you start to fall in love? Well, that's how I started to feel on January 19th as I began working my way through the list of participants in this year's One World - One Heart blogging event.

I'm in awe of the talent and generosity I've witnessed unfold before my eyes each day ever since. I'm a genuine visitor to my fellow bloggers. I take my time and read as many entries as I can in about a 45 minute visit. I'm awed by you all. There's some really funny and talented, and soulful people online. I feel blessed.

The earrings shown above are titled Love's Blush. They are available for sale at along with a matching necklace.

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Merry said...

The name is so these.


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