Thursday, September 9, 2010

All Site Updates Will Be Added Here

In the interest of simplicity, and getting myself more organized I will be adding updates for all my websites here at Ronnie Unplugged. If that doesn't work for you and you'd like specific site updates you can sign-up for my Newsletter. In the right hand menu you'll see the sign-up form titled Subscribe to Ronnie's Sites. Just enter your email address, uncheck the boxes for the items that don't interest you, and click submit. It's a double opt-in so you'll need to sign into your email account and confirm your submission.

You can also follow my supply site Whimsy Within on Twitter for quick updates. My RadianTrace Twitter account is a mixture of site updates and personal nonsense, but feel free to follow it if you don't mind occasional silliness.

Ronnie Unplugged will also be used for posting articles and commentary about artists, other jewelry designers, books about making jewelry & books about various techniques. I have an amazon Book Nook at Whimsy Within, and as I purchase and read some of the books I have on my list I'll review them here. AND speaking of books...this is a very cool website - Blog2Print.

I'm also taking a metalsmithing course so I will be posting pictures and comments about my progress.

To navigate through this blog click on the various links in the Blog Categories section to the right.

My off topic ramblings, and poetry etc...will now be posted only on my 'Inked Soul Songs' blog located at

Eventually, one day at a time, I WILL get myself more organized.

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