Saturday, September 11, 2010

Metalsmith Carole Axium

As I often do I was just surfing through flickr when I came upon this very talented metalsmith named Carole Axium and my jaw dropped open. Her style is rustic yet elegant.

Lampwork, Silver and Gold

I love the wire scroll details she adds to some of her work. It looks like vines. Very organic and breath taking. Her 'style' resembles my sketches. I imagine my pieces will be very similar theme wise.

Plume Agate and Zircon Necklace

This one is very unique. I've never seen anyone attempt this type of design. By the way it's a pendant. At first I thought it was a ring =)

Under the Sea-Atlantica

She's originally a wire work artisan. Crazy talented!

Back to the basics this week

Designs by Carole Axium

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