Saturday, September 25, 2010

Site Updates - One Step at a Time

Foot Steps

Website design is not my strongest skill, but by putting one foot in front of the other Whimsy Within is progressing along slow and steady. I'm actually starting to enjoy doing the coding. I think I've finally figured out a way to add an order form that won't be too terribly complicated for buyers. I had to think like an 'artist' to come up with the idea so "nana nana boo boo" to all my 'technically wired' web design friends. Maintaining the order form will require a great deal of vigilance on my part, but that's what I get paid for so no biggie.

Off topic....I went shopping yesterday and scored a tripod for my camera, a new battery charger, and some cool little ear buds so I can drown out my roomie's TV when I'm working online.

And also off topic.....I plan on doing a regular series of posts called 'Blue Soup With Stars' in honor of an old online friend named Magali who had an MSN community named Blue Soup With Stars. Magali is the main reason why I stayed online 10 years ago instead of giving up and unplugging my computer forever. Were it not for her kind words and encouragement I never would have gone on to discover that I'm actually talented at drawing graphics. If there wasn't any graphics, there would never have been any jewelry. In other words...she inspired me, and encouraged me to explore my creativity, and push myself beyond my boundaries.

So the 'Blue Soup With Stars' series will be about taking risks...exploring creativity....trying new things. And I will show my process here on my blog. I don't know whatever happened to Magali, but I've never forgotten the impact she had on me. Thank you kind lady.

(P.S. I think it's serrendipity that 'Soup' will be in the title of my series. Just like how 'Soup' is in Lori Anderson's 'Cup of Bead Soup' series about the same topic.)

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