Saturday, September 11, 2010

Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Trayler

Horse lovers beware! I discovered the very talented artist Jennifer MacNeill-Trayler a couple of years ago through the One World One Heart Blog Giveaway. I immediately fell in love with her beautiful equine art. Jen is a very interesting artist in that she has a 'thing' for Halloween and out of that grew her fondness for carving pumpkins. She enters carving competitions and all her entries are displayed on one of her many blogs which you can find links to at her The Mare's Tales blog. (I think Jen also has a 'thing' for making blogs ;p)

When I 'met' her she was handpainting horses on wooden tiles and selling them as pendants. She still does that, but now she's also an official artist at The Trail of Painted Ponies. One of her painted horses will be released as a mass produced figurine.

Here's just one example of the beautiful artwork you'll find at Jen's Ponies.

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