Thursday, March 29, 2007

Interesting Order Pattern

I've noticed that most of my clients who are ordering custom designs are ordering them as birthday gifts for friends and family. I find this very flattering. It pleases me to be able to make one of a kind special pieces for my clients' loved ones.

For me there's something very sacred about the process of translating someone's sentiments into a 3 dimensional wearable piece of jewelry. My greatest desire is to kick this up a few notches into creating one of a kind pendants shaped and molded from metal clay.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nothing But Jewelry

With the impending arrival of my RadianTrace Jewelry website I thought it would be nice to create a blog for me to announce new arrivals, and for me to discuss my obsession with jewelry.

Why did I choose the name 'RadianTrace' for my business? It was a username bestowed upon me years ago by an online friend. I wasn't making jewelry at the time. I had only just started making mousedrawn graphics. But later when I began making jewelry I imagined streams of swirling baubles and sparkles trailing behind the name RadianTrace whenever I saw it in print. It somehow fits my personality so it seemed like a done deal.

Although I make jewelry in many different styles and colors my favorites are black and silver. Most of my newer pieces are done in jet, onyx, obsidian, blackstone, and silver. I enjoy the creative challenge of making custom designs.

I'm currently working on improving my skills in creating one of a kind metal clay pendants and creating pieces using the wire wrapping technique. I also create polymer clay faeries so working with metal clay feels like a natural shift for me. I'm very tactile and I've been known to be fascinated by shiny objects. Hence the nickname Crow, or Magpie.


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