Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't Hide

Don't hide. That's the current message to myself. I need to hear it over and over again right now because I tend to feel guilty about who I am. Like I should apologize for being smart, or for being artistic, or for following my dreams. Like as if I'm not allowed to feel joy in what I do if others around me aren't feeling joy in what they do.

What happens when I do that is I start to forget that at the core of me I believe in abundance (not lack). I believe that what is meant to be mine will be mine, and what isn't......won't. I believe that to be true for everyone. If something is not meant to be mine, I don't try to hold onto it, or persue it. I let it go. I wish everyone well. I wish everyone success. I wish eveyone joy, and love. My wish for everyone is that they discover what brings them peace.

Don't hide your talent
Don't hide your intelligence
Don't hide your curiosity
Don't hide your beliefs
Don't hide your joy
Don't hide your love
Don't hide

Shine, and allow your magnificant presence to ignite the imagination in others.


Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry

What Is Calling You?

What is calling to you? What is the deepest, most true message that is calling to you? Get very still and hear it. Do everything it takes to really listen, hear it, absorb it. We each have something calling to us that ONLY WE CAN DO.

You have the exact set of skills, you have lived through the exact circumstances, you have met the exact people and lived in the exact places at the exact time to be where you are. To hear exactly what is calling to you at this very moment. So what is it?

Don't let your music go unsung. Don't let your stories go untold. Don't let your mission go undone. Don't let your love go ungiven. Don't hide your talents. Don't ignore the messages that are showing you.

Find what is calling to you and go for it. We need you to do this! You have a purpose in your life that only you can fill. You are phenomenal, beautiful and radiant. Your talents are unique, compelling and needed.

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Singing My Soul's Song

The summer markets have started. I have been very busy preparing for them, and now I've been very busy making pieces during the week to replenish my stock for the weekends. Beaded anklets seem to be one of my best sellers this year alongside my number one seller...sterling silver wire wrapped rings.
This year I have three new series. Two completed, and one still in the planning stages. The first new item are two part gift sets. They consist of handcrafted cards (and journals) with sentimental sayings, and handstamped jewelry with inspirational words. They are selling very well. Much better than I had hoped considering the price point is much higher than my other items. I've also been getting custom orders for them.
The second series consists of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made of polymer clay with romantic text imprinted in the clay.  The third new series is still in the planning stages because I'm waiting for one of the components to arrive. I have registered trademarks for all 3 of the new series. They will be professionally packaged and shipped to several boutiques in Chilliwack, Vancouver, Kelowna and Whistler.
After many months of struggling to come to terms with my illnesses I came to the realization that I really am an artist. I process my feelings through creative expression. In light of this revelation I decided to take myself seriously as an artist and do whatever I needed to do to get greater exposure for my products.
When everything has been finalized legally I will share photos, and the product names of my new series. Until then I'm hesistant to post anything online.
Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drool Worthy...

Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens.
The cadillac of markers.
Nuff said.

Pretty papers. When I pulled out my papers to make my Mom a Mother's Day card I noticed I didn't have very many purple papers.
Problem solved.

Vintage buttons. Delicious and just waiting to embellish a canvas or book.

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Path...

Try A New Path

As mentioned in my last post my focus has shifted. Somewhat. Not completely away from making jewelry, but in addition to it. I had been waiting for a rather large sum of money to come into my life, and when it did I had planned on using it to buy silver & stones for making metalsmithed pieces. But, with the price of silver rising higher and higher every other day I began to realize it would be very challenging for me to find a local market for the higher priced finished pieces. So, I changed my plans for the money. I decided to buy art supplies. Here's the plan: multi-media artwork.

I purchased some artist quality acrylic and watercolor paints along with some artist quality markers, and watercolor pencils and crayons. Of course my shopping spree included charcoal pencils, pastels, technical pens (micron, rapidograph, pilot), caligraphy pens (nips and holders), artist paper (drawing, acrylic, watercolor), some journals, patterned scrapbook paper, colored cardstock, every type of glue you can imagine, fabric (lots of different types of fabric), ribbons in every color of the rainbow, glitter (yes - glitter!), 2 white correction pens, water brushes, many many paint brushes, stamps, an old ribbon fed typewriter....and on and on.

I re-enforced my wall shelves to hold all the extra weight, and I bought another set of drawers for under my bench to store all my new paper supplies. My studio is packed solid from floor to ceiling. I'm happy about it because now I have plenty of 'stuff' to keep me busy for quite awhile =)

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shift In Focus...

This is Not How the Story is Going to End

My desktop computer crashed. Lost eight years worth of work. Now I'm a laptop owner. Struggling to deal with the loss caused a shift in focus. I can see clearly now that I don't deal with change very well. Seriously hated the new laptop for the first few days. The way I handled this whole situation made me realize that I have emotional issues that need to be adressed.

How will I deal with these issues? With art. Deep down inside I've known for awhile now that I needed to start painting, and drawing...again. Like I did when I was a child. So, that's what I'll do.

 Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being Free . . .

Be Free

Shiny, sparkly, colorful beads are an elixir. Today I touched and gazed upon a double dose of this powerful potion. I'm giddy with inspiration.

It's time for a short journey into dreamland where I can weave together magical strands of hope, courage, and love.

Music ~ Joe Bonamassa ~ Bird On A Wire

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry

Monday, April 11, 2011

Under the clutter I found me . . .

Soul Dreamer

My plans for today are to take a brisk walk, and then to create some polymer clay beads. I'm yearning to make something with dark chocolate brown, and deep rich teal blue beads.

It's my 52nd birthday in 15 days so I have been trying to think of what I will give myself. I think I'll give myself a break. A break from beating myself up with doubts, fears, and naysaying. And permission. I'll give myself permission to just accept that I'm having a hard time accepting my illness. And, permission to play and create and believe in my dreams again.

You may have noticed I cleared some of the clutter from my blog and changed the layout. It's a small thing, but it made me feel better when I was finished.

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry. She's also the graphic artist at Mable's Makings, and the author of Ronnie Unplugged.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Music Is My Muse

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence" ~ Leopold Stokowski

"Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness" ~ Maya Angelou, Gather Together in My Name

"Music embraces our soul then gently seeps into every cell of our being and shifts our understanding of who we are" ~ Ronnie

It's difficult for me to explain what music means to me. Music is my soul's heartbeat. It's what makes my imagination sway to the ebb and flow of ideas that rush into me from a magical place. A place that I only ever get to visit in brief glimpses.

Rather than talk about it . . . I'll give you a sample of what it sounds like in my studio:

The Black Keys

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Led Zeppelin

Joe Bonamassa

The Tragically Hip

Gov't Mule

John Mayer

Kings Of Leon

The Trews

And this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the music I listen to while I'm in my studio creating jewelry, and sketching designs. Go take a peek at some of my fellow team mates' blogs to hear some of their favorite music.

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Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry. She's also the graphic artist at Mable's Makings, and the author of Ronnie Unplugged.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Studio - Come On In

cutting and filing station

This is where designing, sawing, piercing, stamping and filing takes place. Look at my adorable new swivel vise! The wood boxes store sterling silver sheet and precut ring shanks. My tumbler sit on top of the black metal shelving. The white plastic drawers beneath my bench hold sterling wire, copper sheet, design stamps and letter sets plus a whole bunch of other goodies.

middle of bench

Middle of my bench. Texturing, hammering, and drilling station.

soldering station

Soldering station. This is where the magic happens folks!

to the right of soldering area

This is my beading table, but when I'm working on metalsmithed pieces this area is where I do all the finishing work such as setting stones, and final hand polishing. This is also where I sketch my designs. I call this table my 'Inspiration Station' because I have pictures on the wall that inspire me. I also have a rock collection in a bowl, and I take out a different rock everyday and set it on the table for me to look at throughout the day. Those two cabinets are filled with cabochons and sterling silver findings. Various cabachons get pet several times a day.

Notice the little 'Dream' carving? I also have a framed picture with the word 'Believe' that my girlfriend Pat gave me for christmas. Those two words are what keep me moving forward. No matter whatever else is going on in my life...deep inside at my core I am always dreaming and believing in my dreams. I hope you're believing in your dreams too.

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry. She's also the graphic artist at Mable's Makings, and the author of Ronnie Unplugged.

Creativity Re-Ignited

I've been feeling much better lately. Thyroid levels are at the high end of 'normal' which means I'm not shakey anymore and my heart rate has stablized. Feeling better allows me to be active and creative again.

I'm taking a second metalsmithing class on Tuesday evenings. The last class is on March 29th. My own studio is now fully equipped and up and running. I've been working on my class projects at home inbetween classes.

As you all can guess I've been buying cabochons to make metalsmithed pieces. Well, I received this gorgeous picasso jasper cab that reminds me of a Monet painting. To me it looks like a field of wild flowers. Notice the pretty mauves, greens, yellows and browns. So, it's being made into a ring with a floral patterned band, and I'm calling it 'Monet' Ignore the surrounding silver. I was just checking to see if the bezel would fit.

Picasso Jasper Monet Ring

The bezel is now soldered together and then soldered onto the back plate, and the back plate has been cut away, and then filed flush to the bezel wire. It's now a perfectly smooth bezel cup ready to have the band soldered on and then it will go in the tumbler, then the stone will be set in the bezel, then I'll oxidize the whole piece in Liver of Sulphur...then the final stages will be lightly buffing off the LOS from the high spots which will leave a dark color in the recesses of the floral patterned ring band to help bring out the details.

I'm thinking of keeping this ring in honor of it being my first completely solo project made from start to finish in my own studio.

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry. She's also the graphic artist at Mable's Makings, and the author of Ronnie Unplugged.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Illness and Inspiration


I have Grave's Disease which means I'm occasionally a crumpled, trembling mess who can't lift her arms high enough to scratch her head without crying out in pain. I won't even mention what a blubbering baby I've been while trying to sleep on my aching shoulders. Laying on my back or front is impossible because my goiter is so large and restrictive it feels like I'm wearing a tight turtle neck that I can never take off! Any additional pressure on my throat is out of the question.

I've been back on anti-thyroid meds for 12 days now so I'm just putting in the time waiting for them to bring my hormone levels back down into the 'normal' range.

I haven't been able to make any jewelry because of shakey hands and double vision. I'm also back on the beta-blocker propranolol which has helped calm the racing heart and hand tremors. My vision is getting a little better each day so maybe I'm not going blind like I feared I was a few days ago.

So what have I been doing all this time besides feeling sorry for myself? Surfing. Surfing the net looking at jewelry, and individual beads in particular. I also pulled out and dusted off all my polymer clay books and I've been thinking. Thinking a lot about my goals. I've started playing with my clay again. I've been going away from it then coming back to it over and over for the past 4 years.

It's the only material that I can create with that won't cause injury to my fragile and hurting body right now. No heavy tools, no hammering needed, no torch that I could drop if my hands get shakey. I think I'm going to stay with the clay for awhile this time and see where it takes me.

Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry. She's also the graphic artist at Mable's Makings, and the author of Ronnie Unplugged.


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