About the Artist

Ronnie has always been creative. She spent her childhood in her own magical world creating miniature nature themed scenes using twigs, leaves, stones, feathers and dirt in her mom's old typewriter lid and discarded glass jars. Once for 'show n tell' she proudly brought to school her brand new package of crayola crayons and forced her classmates to watch her demonstrate each and every one of the 32 mezmerizing colors!

Ronnie moved on to exploring pencil sketching and working with pastels, ink, and paint. She has always loved the tactile feel of earth clay. Now she works with polymer clay to create pieces for her jewelry and embellishments for her paper crafts.

Ronnie loves acrylic paint, watercolor paint, inks, charcoal, pastels, texture mediums, stencils, stamps, paper, metal, wire, beads, bling, feathers, wood, fabric, twine, ribbon and on and on. So it was only natural for her to become a mixed-media artist. She designs and sells jewelry, mixed-media artwork, and she has recently begun the next phase of living her dream by teaching mixed-media art classes.

Ronnie's long term goal of running a local art based healing retreat is currently in the final planning stages.

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