Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Singing My Soul's Song

The summer markets have started. I have been very busy preparing for them, and now I've been very busy making pieces during the week to replenish my stock for the weekends. Beaded anklets seem to be one of my best sellers this year alongside my number one seller...sterling silver wire wrapped rings.
This year I have three new series. Two completed, and one still in the planning stages. The first new item are two part gift sets. They consist of handcrafted cards (and journals) with sentimental sayings, and handstamped jewelry with inspirational words. They are selling very well. Much better than I had hoped considering the price point is much higher than my other items. I've also been getting custom orders for them.
The second series consists of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made of polymer clay with romantic text imprinted in the clay.  The third new series is still in the planning stages because I'm waiting for one of the components to arrive. I have registered trademarks for all 3 of the new series. They will be professionally packaged and shipped to several boutiques in Chilliwack, Vancouver, Kelowna and Whistler.
After many months of struggling to come to terms with my illnesses I came to the realization that I really am an artist. I process my feelings through creative expression. In light of this revelation I decided to take myself seriously as an artist and do whatever I needed to do to get greater exposure for my products.
When everything has been finalized legally I will share photos, and the product names of my new series. Until then I'm hesistant to post anything online.
Ronnie is the jewelry designer at RadianTrace Jewelry


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