Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quiet Before the Storm

As much as I have loved all the planning I've been doing for this year's Party in the Park Marketplace over the past several weeks...yesterday I needed a wee bit of a break. At around 5:30 last night I made a cup of tea, put on my headphones and put my feet up for about an hour and listened to my meditation tapes.

I wish I had thought of doing it sooner. Within minutes of sitting still just breathing...trying not to think about all the last minute details that still needed tending a calm feeling slowly washed over me. Afterwards I felt refreshed...rejuvenated. Ready to tackle what had seemed next to impossible just an hour earlier.

When I first began this job I experienced what I later described as culture shock. I am used to spending a lot of time alone working away peacefully in my studio with only my dog Baer, and my cat Tavareesh as companions. My role as Marketplace Coordinator forced me into a completely different world than the one I'd become accustom to. I found myself in a situation where I spent several hours a day communicating with others either on the phone, in person, or via email. Just out of curiosity I counted how many different people I have communicated with recently. Ninety one, and still counting.

Seriously, it took me over a week to get used to the idea that my life was going to be filled with committee meetings, and phone calls, and emails, and going 'out into the world' to meet with people to discuss the marketplace. Oh yes, and paperwork. Must not forget to mention my new enemy...paperwork. Once I got used to what my life was becoming I actually began to really enjoy it. All this activity has been very exciting. I have met with and spoken to some very amazing people that I would not have had the pleasure of meeting were it not for this job. And when the market actually opens tomorrow I'm excited that I finally get to meet all the wonderful vendors I haven't met yet.

Sitting here in reflection.....I wouldn't trade one minute of this incredible opportunity I've been given to learn things about myself I didn't know before this all began. I have developed skills that I'll be able to bring forward with me into future endeavours. I've met people that I now think of as friends. I've shed a fear tears, but I also laughed a lot. And, as much as I've loved all of it and I will miss it when it's over...a part of me can hardly wait to get back into my peaceful studio where I can get my fingers covered in paint and ink, and where I can once again play with my tools & clay to make more jewelry. I have so many new ideas brewing! I really...really miss my paint and tools. *sniff*

It's now 5:00am on Thursday July 5th, and the Party in the Park starts tomorrow afternoon. I will be onsite at 2:00am in the dark with my Timmy's coffee, a flashlight, a measuring tape, and many cans of spray paint marking out the vendor booths. Then I will be back onsite at 1:00pm to start site set-up and directing vendors into the marketplace.

I hope everyone in Chilliwack is ready to partay!

(about the character portrait at the beginning of this post: I do custom stylized character portraits. Hair style, hair color, eye color, color theme, and sentiment of your choice. These portraits make lovely gifts for someone you know who will really appreciate the thought behind it. If you are interested in discussing a custom character portrait please contact me either through email by clicking on the little crow image to the right with an envelope in his mouth. Or you can call me locally at 604.792.3098)

Ronnie is a mixed-media artist, instructor and jewelry designer at RadianTrace Atelier


Susan said...

Hi Ronnie, so nice to find you! Looks like you have been busy. I was addicted to FB like so many but have burned out. I am working on my website again and brining back my adoptions. Do you still create graphics? SOo many sits have closed down and adoptions are hard to find. Well I guess that is the way of change:( I am still at the same place and working on my Christmas stuff and adoptions. New Links still need to be posted.
Take care. Hugs

nanke's stuff said...

I hope by now you've settled in nicely to your new job and new life. Your art is fun and well done! nancy

Unknown said...

Ronnie you create beautiful art and your blog is so lovely.


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